Oh, the things I would do to you.






NEVER FORGET when Miley Cyrus tried to get buck, and NEVER EVER FORGET when Kid Fury clapped back with the skill and might of the Ancient Wig-Snatchers of Old

No words can describe my love for this…..

i think about this so very often.


1. Be effortless.
“A maestro of seduction, someone who truly knows her craft, knows that everything has to look like you didn’t try, like you just are.”

2. Be true to yourself.
“If a guy wanted me to wear bobby socks and a like a school girl uniform I wouldn’t do it because it doesn’t make me feel good. Ultimately, it wouldn’t be sexy if I didn’t feel good.”

3. Be studious.
“Read everything you can about eroticism and sex. If you don’t want to do certain things, you don’t have to, but being knowledgeable is really important.”

4. Be mysterious.
“When I am with a man I don’t let him see everything, I keep my feminine wits about me.”

5. Be dignified when exiting all relationships.
“You keep your dignity at all times. No matter how heartbroken you are — and I have been very heartbroken before — I have always maintained decorum and dignity… You kind of want to be calm, cool, and collective.”

6. Be adventurous.
“If you ask a man when you were sexiest it was probably a time when you were completely free and happy and having a good time and laughing.”

The queen herself, Dita Von Teese, on how to be unforgettable.  (via dangerous-muse)